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What LA City Council Does

The 15-member LA City Council governs the city of LA. They oversee the city budget and create all laws that decide how we can conduct our lives and our businesses. This includes everything from how much housing costs to air quality to pothole repairs. Do you need a job? Are you worried about your rent going up? Wondering if anyone will help you out in this crisis? These are all policy initiatives well within their control.

Together, they represent a city of about 4 million people which means they each represent 200-300k residents. That’s roughly the entire population of Anchorage or Pittsburgh. For comparison, New York City has 51 city council members and Chicago has 50. So, you can see why some people say LA is dramatically underrepresented for its size.

City Council creates and passes the laws that govern the city of Los Angeles. To be specific, this includes:

They also oversee parks, sidewalks, trees, street lights, trash pickup, recycling, the LA river, and land use. They handle a whole lot about our lives in Los Angeles.

Let’s meet some of our City Council members who are currently running for election:

David Ryu

4th District

Up for Reelection: 2020

Herb Wesson

10th District