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Thank U (Biden)

by LA Podcast
April 11, 2023

Thank you, India. Thank you, parents. Thank you, seven Republicans.

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A Guide To Voter Guides

by LA Podcast
May 19, 2022

We put together a guide to voter guides in Los Angeles County.

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For Renters, There Is No Relief

by Elijah Chiland
March 7, 2022

Fewer than half of renter households who applied for rent relief have received it. Meanwhile, billions sit in government accounts.

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Thirty Mile Zone Kicks Off Spring Calendar with Afternoon Delight on Feb 2

by Scott Frazier
January 24, 2022

The Spring 2022 season of LA Podcast’s spinoff podcast Thirty Mile Zone is set to kick off on Wednesday, February 2nd, bringing listeners 12 new episodes about LA Movies on representations of the city, and Angelenos, on film. New episodes include P.T. Anderson’s Inherent Vice (2014), Michael Mann’s Collateral (2004), John Singleton’s 1991 debut Boyz N the Hood, Martin Scorcese’s The Aviator (2004), and more.

Afternoon Delight (2013) - IMDb

The first film in the spring series is Joey Soloway’s Afternoon Delight. The 2013 dramedy stars Kathryn Hahn as Rachel, Juno Temple as McKenna, and Josh Radnor as Jeff. Co-hosts Alison Herman (The Ringer) and Scott Frazier (LA Podcast) are joined by guest Sophia Benoit (GQ) for this episode.

Watch along with us! Afternoon Delight can be watched on Amazon’s Prime Video or on the Peacock app.

With the […]

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Whistleblower Alleges Fraudulent Billing at USC Hospital Led to “Hundreds of Avoidable Patient Deaths and Injuries”

by Scott Frazier
January 8, 2022

A former faculty member at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine alleges the school engaged in a decade-long pattern of irresponsible supervision of surgeries and fraudulent billing practices.

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Deputies Who Killed Donta Taylor Were Investigated For Lying To Police During DUI Arrest

by Scott Frazier
November 15, 2021

A former LASD deputy was fired in 2017 for a previously unreported DUI. On the night it happened, he wanted special privileges.

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The First Whistleblower Lawsuit About The Compton Executioners Was Dismissed. What Happened?

by Scott Frazier
November 10, 2021

Austreberto Gonzalez’s lawsuit threatened to spill out secretive details about the deputy gang in court. A judge quashed it.

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Feds Might Add More Defendants in “Ongoing” Ridley-Thomas Case. Who Might They Be?

by Scott Frazier
October 26, 2021

Prosecutors said they were worried about witness tampering at the arraignment of co-defendant Dr. Marilyn Flynn, the former dean of the USC social work school.

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Metro’s Oscar Nightmare

by Alissa Walker
May 3, 2021

From the director of Traffic. Photo by Alissa Walker

“You have got to be kidding me,” I said to no one in particular as I looked to the right, where a security guard for the Oscars was pointing me towards what looked exactly like a freeway ramp. It probably shouldn’t have surprised me that he told me to walk that way, a route with three “no pedestrian” signs, plus an additional sign that said “NO PEDESTRIANS” in words in case you missed the other three. But after spending 45 minutes trying to get to Union Station from the Little Tokyo side, with every street lined with signage reading “AWARD PERMIT ONLY LIMO/VALET” dead-ending in 8-foot chain link fences, a group of us on foot determined that this ramp — which apparently was, technically, a freeway ramp, but only for buses — […]

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My Year as a YIMBY

by Roderick D. Hall
April 19, 2021

Monica Rambeau and Wanda Maximoff in a screen capture from Marvel Studios’ WandaVision.

Let me begin by stating that this is a critique of the approach taken by the YIMBY movement within California, not a critique of the solutions the movement is advocating for — though there is certainly room for that. I was employed by the movement from February 2020 to March 2021, and for me it was an exciting opportunity to move to a place I could call home while organizing for more “affordable” housing. However, as the events of 2020 begin to unfold, so too did my understanding of the movement I was employed by. And what caused me to disengage and eventually feel disgusted by the work I was doing was the ways in which it was being approached. I want to discuss the approach […]

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