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Guide to LA

Did you hear something on the show that you weren't quite familiar with? City Council? The School Board? Click below to get up to speed on who all these people are and what it is they're supposed to do.

City Council

The 15-member LA City Council governs the city of LA. They oversee the city budget and create all laws that decide how we can conduct our lives and our businesses. This includes everything from how much housing costs to air quality to pothole repairs.

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The Mayor

Our Mayor is the chief executive of LA. He has veto and emergency powers. He oversees the daily operations of the city. He chooses who will take on key roles throughout the city. And he has a big say in how the city spends its money.

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County Supervisors

Los Angeles County is governed by a five member Board of Supervisors. The County Supervisors write and pass laws for all of LA County. They oversee important departments like the Sheriff, Mental Health, Public Health and the Medical Examiner-Coroner.

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District Attorney

District Attorneys are local politicians who prosecute criminal cases. Their main role is to bring charges against people and chase convictions.

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Superior Court Judges

The LA County Superior Court holds trials for most cases in LA County with some exceptions. This includes both criminal and civil matters.

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LAUSD Board of Education

The seven members of the LAUSD school board oversee LA's public schools, including appointing the Superintendent, negotiating with teachers and determining the budget.

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State Assembly

The State of California has a legislative body made up of two houses. The Assembly is the lower house. Assemblymembers pass laws on just about anything you can imagine and help determine how our state spends its money.

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State Senate

The State of California has a legislative body made up of two houses. The Senate is the upper house. State Senators help oversee the state budget and pass laws on everything from agriculture to mental healthcare.

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