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What the Mayor Does

The Mayorโ€™s role is important both because of their actual power and also because of their perceived power. Big city mayors have an opportunity to cast a forward thinking vision for their cities. And the Mayor of Los Angeles (like the Mayor of New York) holds an elected office whose reach extends far beyond City Hall. The actions of these famous figures can influence our entire nation and even other countries around the world.

Our Mayor is the chief executive of LA. He has veto and emergency powers. He oversees the daily operations of the city. He is elected by voters, not appointed by the city council. He chooses who will take on key roles throughout the city. And he has a big say in how the city spends its money.

Beyond the impact of their influence, the Mayor does have a set of prescribed powers and responsibilities as defined in the City Charter and Administrative Code.ย 

The Mayor of Los Angeles is charged with:

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Eric Garcetti