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Tag "85.02 - Vehicle Dwelling Ban"

September 9, 2019 Episode 82

A full-episode interview with Los Angeles City Councilmember MIKE BONIN. We talk with the Councilmember about a nonprofit’s campaign to fight the city over a density program, his recent break with the rest of the council over homelessness criminalization policies, and why a record-cheap solar deal is being held up.

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August 5, 2019 Episode 77

City Hall re-re-criminalizes sleeping in cars, and Mayor Garcetti’s office has a couple’s possessions thrown away after they posed with him for a photo op. Uber and Lyft sweat the possible passage of AB 5, and high-speed rail might come to LA, but a lot slower and shorter. Guest ALBERT CORADO joins Scott and Hayes to talk about seeking justice for his sister Mely Corado after she was killed by LAPD at Trader Joe’s one year ago.

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June 17, 2019 Episode 70

Alissa, Scott and Hayes get into scooter numbers that came out this week, take the listener to City Hall to hear the council explain why they’re continuing to punish people for being poor, congratulate Inglewood on its new rent control, break down a new proposed vacancy tax, and break some actual good news live on the show.

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