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July 22, 2019 Episode 75

A song parody submittied by a listener, the city opening a new natural gas plant in Utah despite its “Green New Deal,” a coalition sues the city for throwing out the property of people who are homeless, a bunch of people want to build a gondola to the Hollywood Sign, LAPD sent an officer to spy on some leftist protestors, and somehow more bizarre behavior from Sheriff Villanueva comes to light.

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May 6, 2019 Episode 63

The Mayor has unveiled his Green New Deal — why do academics and activists say it won’t reduce emissions? Why did Metro announce service cuts the next day? Why did Inglewood’s Mayor try to turn left into oncoming traffic? Why did someone with measles go to The Grove? Why did the aspiring terrorist in Long Beach want to bomb both a protest and a counterprotest? Why didn’t Obama show up for his road naming? Why did a police shooting victim’s mom accuse Torrance cops of character assassination? Scott, Alissa and Hayes answer some of these questions and more!

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