The LA Podcast
July 2, 2021 Episode 181

Alissa and Scott sit down with reporter Lexis-Olivier Ray to talk about city-provided hand-washing stations for the unhoused. Ray has investigated Los Angeles’ failure to maintain basic sanitary resources for its unsheltered residents during the pandemic, despite public promises to do so.

Find Lexis-Olivier Ray on Twitter and Instagram: @shoton35mm

Read Ray’s reporting at L.A. TACO:

Garcetti Said That L.A.’s Hand-Washing Stations for the Homeless Were Regularly Refilled, Records Obtained Show Otherwise.

There Weren’t Enough Porta-Potties for the Homeless To Begin With, in October They’re Being Pulled.

Hand-Washing Station Vendors Collected Millions of Dollars In Payments From The City While Some Units Went Dry.