The LA Podcast
August 21, 2023 Episode 230

On the eve of the storm, Scott, Alissa, and Rachel discuss the region’s preparations for Hurricane Hilary, the first tropical storm to make landfall in LA since 1939. Plus, more union workers join LA’s summer of solidarity, and the oh-so-swift response to a rash of smash grabs-slash-flash robs at local malls. But first, Rachel gets personal, and content warning, a conversation about child sexual abuse, rape, and grooming in an LAUSD school takes place from 12 minutes to 33 minutes if you want to skip that part.

Fault Lines,” Seyward Darby’s story for The Atavist on systemic abuse at Cleveland High School

Seyward Darby discussing her story on 818s and Heartbreak

Resources from RAINN, the U.S.’s┬álargest anti-sexual violence organization

The law firm representing all Jane Does from Cleveland High School

Why 1 in 5 jobs in LA City government are vacant,” from CD 13’s newsletter

Gustavo Arellano on the solidarity between unions during LA’s hot labor summer

Tuesday, August 22 is a national day of labor solidarity, find a picket near you