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May 15 2020 Episode 119


Yet another guilty plea in the FBI’s investigation of corruption at LA City Council. Scott and Hayes run through the timeline.


A news podcast for people who live in Los Angeles. Hosted by Hayes Davenport, Scott Frazier, and Curbed’s Alissa Walker.

by Scott Frazier
March 26, 2020

Los Angeles has been torn apart in the past decade by scandal and crisis. The Great Recession that served as the capstone for the criminal administration of George Bush II in the aughts gave way in the Obama years to maybe the most unequal economic recovery in history. The rich became dizzyingly richer, and, in Los Angeles as elsewhere, the average resident was laden down with longer work hours, falling real wages, and ever-more expensive rent.

When we review the unsurpassed challenges we faced here in the 2010s – among them an unconstitutionally overfull prison system, the worst homelessness crisis and the least affordable housing in the country, a resurgent national xenophobia aimed at migrant Angelenos – it is no wonder that we have become so troubled by the apparent incapacity of our leaders to lead. In each case, the response of the City has been faltering and dilatory; in an era that seemed to demand urgency and vision, the council […]

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May 15, 2020 Episode 119

Yet another guilty plea in the FBI’s investigation of corruption at LA City Council. Scott and Hayes run through the timeline.

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May 11, 2020 Episode 118

LA begins Phase 2 of pandemic recovery, reopening some businesses: how has it gone so far? More info on the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak in LA: where are the cases, who’s getting tested, and what company is providing the tests? California faces a record-high budget deficit. A SoCalGas front group threatened a deadly protest. The VA experiments with safe camping. Trump weighs in on a Lancaster polling place. And Alissa, Hayes and Scott eulogize restaurants that have closed during the pandemic.

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May 4, 2020 Episode 117

Shocking COVID-19 outbreaks in prisons and nursing facilities. LA Times reporters get furloughed. A project to open space for pedestrians in Del Rey gets suspended. Southern Californians get beach shamed. An unhoused Angeleno seizes a hotel room. Scott reports on struggling LA restaurants. And a strange gift to the LAPD.

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